Luleå University of Technology - 50 000 well integrated web pages

Luleå University of Technology (LTU) is Scandinavia’s northernmost university with a strong research-base closely linked to industry and other leading international universities. Using an agile development model, Tromb has assisted LTU with formulating requirements, systems architecture, design and implementation. The result is a responsive web site which both meets LTU’s market profile and presents the university’s service portfolio. The site today contains approximately 50 000 pages and integrates with other administrative and academic systems.

(For the nerds: Google Search Appliance, Polopoly 10.10.*, Tomcat8, jBoss, Nitro, Java 8,Velocity, UIKit, Bulma, npn, yarn, react, Sass, HTML, CSS, Spring, JSTL, REST, XML, Hibernate, MySQL, unix shell script, IntelliJ IDEA, GIT, Jira ,Confluence, TeamCity, Junit.)