Behind the curtain of a modern bank there are many co-existing systems producing what the customer perceives as one. These systems are needed to keep track of all essential information about its’ customers. Most of the data processing consists of heavy calculations and control operations executed for tens of thousands of customers. Naturally these processes must function smoothly with a high rate of optimization. At Tromb we develop and manage these systems in a business field requiring some of the highest and most rigorous security and faultless operational standards.

Furthermore, the banking business is continuously subject to scrutiny by the Financial Supervising Authority, the government agency responsible for financial regulation in Sweden. Great caution is taken to satisfy all legal demands concerning traceability, automation and division of responsibilities. These routines help the developers to effectively and safely apply necessary changes and enhancements to the system.

The processes we have developed for Scandiabanken have been modeled in such a fashion that all changes are automatically unit tested in different environments. The deployment process ends with one last manual validation. When the deployment is in place all changes are then by default fully traceable and reliable. Besides architecting the system to facilitate and complying with legal requirements, the system has also been optimized to minimize lead time. The need for manual management of the system has also been cut to a minimum. This eliminates the risk of malfunction due to hazardous manual handling formerly being built into the management processes. In short: potential causes of errors are reduced and reliability is increased.