The Swedish Trade Union Confederation is an umbrella organization for Swedish trade. The Swedish Trade Union Confederation organizes 1,5 million workers (15% of the entire Swedish population). Our mission was to re-model their site, making it responsive and developing new functionality. Our work consisted of, first, creating a web strategy, followed by working with concept, design and development. The solution is built on our own publishing tool P3.

The Swedish Trade Union Confederation then wanted to complete the work by adding a stand-alone application in which the organizations’ representatives could register administrative calls to ensure that the members were correctly insured.

Since the members are dispersed over the entire country, some of the calls would be registered in areas where mobile networks were unavailable. This required the application to be able to operate in offline mode. The application stores the data locally and when Internet connection becomes available it automatically updates against a central service.

The application was delivered for cross platform use: web, iOS, Android and Windows Phone.