Telia - working together as one team

Here Tromb consultants and Telia personnel work together in-house as one development team. The team creates business benefits by developing and managing a series of internal support systems. Firstly the work consists of Telia’s back office for customer services and the company’s support organization.

Tromb’s mission at Telia also reaches into many other parts of the company: physical stores, delivery organization and the sales chain. In many cases our assignment is building functions to retrieve, register, order, filter and then visualize the correct information to Telia’s employees in an appealing interface.

The combined Telia/Tromb team prioritizes among the tasks by estimating the potential economic profit or savings based on: saved work hours, customer satisfaction or eased work load for support department. The economic efficiency created by the team’s work motivates development decisions and the cooperation between Telia and Tromb. The figures and gains speak for themselves and forge a natural partnership.