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Tromb are digital explorers. We are passionate about always understanding the user. We love to invite both employees and clients on a transformation journey.

On that trip, we fill our backpack with the latest technology, lots of creativity, a number of sharp design and innovation methods, awesome specialists, a large portion of courage and a drive to discover the white spots on the map.

Do you also want to be part of our cross-functional teams and help move our clients to new, more profitable positions? Let’s talk!

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Anna Kylmänen

Anna Kylmänen

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Here at Tromb, you can expect to team up with .NET developers, system architects, app developers, web developers and competencies in every conceivable programming language, as well as with UX designers, UI designers, process managers, brand specialists, project managers, communicators and digital business developers.


Check out our vacancies right now and all the benefits of working at Tromb. And if you do not find a vacancy that suits your skills – send in a spontaneous application anyway, and we will take a coffee completely unconditionally.

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Life at Tromb

And what you can expect…

Smarter together

Tailor your own path to new knowledge and development in dialogue with your team leader. Share and learn with colleagues in an interplay of personal, easily accessible mentorship. At Tromb we’re always on the move!


We are always open to a different approach and view of the matter. Here, all employees are welcome to participate in developing and improving the company we work for. All of us together are Tromb!

Fun together

Joint social events are recurring elements at Tromb. In connection with the monthly meeting, brownbags and various team activities. We like to do fun stuff together!

UX-designers, .net developers, communicators, process managers

It is something extra special that happens when different skills and personalities meet in the same team and in different situations. Maybe we’ll find the solution over a coffee in the hallway. Or during a lunch session at the gym. We like to hang out!

Evenings at the office

No, it’s not cool to work late at Tromb. On the other hand, we like when our nice offices with plenty of space and good technology are used outside office hours to watch tonight’s Apple event together or gather a bunch for a code meet up, participate in Devcon, cheer for the favorite team, go to opera digitally in New York or learn new stuff with awesome key notes from SxSw.


A successful project, diving deep in tech, trends, news, inspiration. A couple of times a month, a Tromb colleague shares specialties in a short lunch-presentation online while the rest of us listen and have lunch in a brown bag.

The Tromb trip

Skiing in white, fluffy powder, relaxing in a deck chair with sand between your toes or exploring deep in the metropolitan jungle… When we have worked hard and get the opportunity, we make a joint business trip – a welcome break to bond with colleagues, find inspiration and create new memories together. Ready for take-off!

Shitty first draft

Prototyping, fail fast and the user in focus is part of our DNA, a way of working – using our own and others’ methods and processes. It gives us speed and the courage to constantly move forward towards new solutions and iterations. Dare to challenge!

Crisp & cool

We are shamelessly proud of everything crispy & cool that we create, even when it comes to a standard solution that does its job and changes everyday life for the customer. More unicorns and pink rainbows to the world!

One Tromb

It does not matter which office you work in, if you are working full time in one of our clients teams or choose to work from home – we are one unified Tomb.

Family first

Family events where you and your children, your dog, your partner and grandmother are welcome. Like the annual Christmas party with Santa and Christmas gifts for everybody.


We are Tromb

We are Tromb
1 september 2022
mån jan 09 2023 9:38:58 GMT+0200 (Eastern European Standard Time)
#wearetromb | Matilda Brzezinska
2355#wearetromb | Matilda Brzezinska
31 januari 2022
tor feb 16 2023 19:47:44 GMT+0200 (Eastern European Standard Time)
#wearetromb | Johan Hansson
2246#wearetromb | Johan Hansson
4 november 2021
fre nov 05 2021 11:12:01 GMT+0200 (Eastern European Standard Time)
#wearetromb | Adam Kandel
2210#wearetromb | Adam Kandel
16 september 2021
mån okt 18 2021 16:53:54 GMT+0200 (Eastern European Standard Time)
#wearetromb | Åsa Gustafsson
2140#wearetromb | Åsa Gustafsson
30 juni 2021
mån okt 18 2021 16:54:08 GMT+0200 (Eastern European Standard Time)
#wearetromb | Frida Markstedt
2060#wearetromb | Frida Markstedt
18 juni 2021
ons jun 30 2021 12:16:33 GMT+0200 (Eastern European Standard Time)
#wearetromb | Daniel Lodnert
1988#wearetromb | Daniel Lodnert
18 maj 2021
tis jun 08 2021 15:24:20 GMT+0200 (Eastern European Standard Time)
#wearetromb | Tobias Åkeblom
1941#wearetromb | Tobias Åkeblom
5 maj 2021
fre jun 04 2021 14:14:49 GMT+0200 (Eastern European Standard Time)
#wearetromb | Jimmy Löf
1553#wearetromb | Jimmy Löf
21 april 2021
fre jun 04 2021 14:14:55 GMT+0200 (Eastern European Standard Time)
#wearetromb | Peter Eklöf
1555#wearetromb | Peter Eklöf
7 april 2021
fre nov 05 2021 11:26:10 GMT+0200 (Eastern European Standard Time)
#wearetromb | Kelsie Enqvist
1556#wearetromb | Kelsie Enqvist

Some of our attractive benefits.

Our camping grounds

A cool place for work and play. Our offices are equipped with the latest technology, but a pleasant relaxed atmosphere. Come by and say hello!

Own Budget

You have your own budget and choose your own path for education and the technology you prefer and need to succeed at work.

Healthcare & pensions

We make sure that you have a personal health insurance and a good pension program.

Training & sports

We like skiing, golf, crossfit, hockey, football, dancing – and the list goes on and on… What are your suggestions? Come on and challenge us!

Balance in life

We encourage and support a healthy balance in life with room for a rich and relaxing spare time – combined with a lot of fun at work.

Fair & square

You can be completely calm and just lean back – at Tromb we follow the Swedish labor market laws and we have a collective agreement.



We would love to have you on board!

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