We are digital explorers

About Tromb

We help our customers find new ways to do business using digital assets as means. We digitize products and services to expand markets and increase business efficiency. We do digital business development.

Explore with us

Do you have experience in business or systems development? We are looking for people who can function both independently and as team members. People who understand that our services are promises to our customers. Read more.

Digital business development

We love to turn our customers into better performers. We deliver eye-catching desktop solutions and state-of-the-art mobile apps – integrated seamlessly with your existing business systems.

Apart from being creative full-stack developers we also gather a knowledge base from a wide array of other business fields: banking, communication & media production, restaurant management, project- & organizational management + plenty more. We use our diverse knowledge in combination with the latest tech to help our customers find new ways to do business using digital assets as means. We share ideas, business models and we grow together. We do return on investment calculations and provide value up front.

Our customers

We have the privilege of working with clients ranging from international corporations to larger national and local companies. The over all objective is usually to customize products, workflows and services to a digital today and tomorrow.

Do you have room for improvement in your organization? Like a gigantic spread sheet that takes too much manual labour? Business process that needs fine tuning? Or maybe products and services that don’t get the correct presentation in a digital context? Our customers choose us because the cost of our services is far less than sticking with old systems and manual workflows that include the risk of making small mistakes that can have a big negative impact.