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We deliver creative digital solutions that will increase your performance

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What we do: Digital Business Development

We have a strong belief that smart, tailored solutions will help you become a better performer. Whether it's about lack of information flows, control and monitoring or efficient marketing offers, we have the technical knowledge to help you.

Together, in a creative process, we can help you identify your most urgent pains. We take you to your desired state by dividing your problem into smaller pieces and by solving them one by one.

Technically, we deliver eye-catching desktop solutions and state-of-the-art mobile apps, integrated seamlessly with your existing business systems.


Our work and experience


We have the privilege of working with clients ranging from international corporations to smaller companies in varying industries. Some of these are:

Partners and technology

We work with technologies from vendors like Microsoft, IBM, Apple, Google (Android) as well as various open-source platforms. We can also act as your counterpart and assist with cloud-based hosting.

We are on the lookout for new talented colleagues!

Are you looking for a new team?

We are a tight and efficient development team and our ambition is to cherry-pick new members for their ability to deliver, spread positive energy and because they are, or strive to be, the best in their field. Do you fit in? If so, we'd love to hear from you, please drop us a line at:

Our current job openings (se)

Let's get in touch

Want to get to know us better? Do you have a great idea to share or perhaps a problem to solve? We'd love to hear from you. Below you find different ways to get hold of us:

For business inquiries, please contact Anders Hallberg or Tobias Mård.

You can also drop us a line at, contact someone from the team directly or get familiar with us on facebook and twitter.

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